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Pittsburgh Cardiovascular Institute
200 James Place, 1st Floor
Monroeville, PA 15146
Phone: 412-372-2035 Fax: 412-229-1432

Pittsburgh Cardiovascular Institute is the a cutting edge outpatient Internal Medicine and Cardiology facility specializing in a modality of medical practice that is unique, special and different from the rest. PCI has been providing clinical and diagnostic services, including ultrasound, nuclear medicine, echocardiography, peripheral vascular examinations and cardiac rehabilitation services since the early 1980's to Western Pennsylvania, Ohio and West Virginia residents.


Our state-of-the-art facility is well equipped with much of the latest technology to diagnose in advance the majority of the main causes of death in the U.S. and the modern world. PCI's multi-modality approach to preventative medicine allows our doctors to diagnose, evaluate and treat patients with the highest level of quality and care possible, and with the certainty that they are not missing or misdiagnosing problems.


This in turn assures us that our patients are treated appropriately and scientifically, before allowing them to return home safely or admit them to the hospital for further treatment and follow up care. In this manner we can be confident of the care we provide to patients coming to us with different problems such as shortness of breath, CHF, angina pectoris, recent TIAs, possible acute deep-venous thrombosis, severe peripheral arterial insufficiency, diabetes mellitus decompensation, hypertensive crisis episodes, syncope, etc.


Our facility houses a very complete Chemistry Laboratory that is both Medicare and CLIA registered and certified, which serves our physicians and allows us STAT test results that our doctors can use to diagnose and treat our patients on the same day of their office visit.


PCI also has an in-house, state-of-the-art Sonography room that is attended by certified sonographers and physicians for purposes of general Sonography, echocardiography and a variety of vascular and Doppler studies. This technology provides our physicians with the hands-on tools that allow them to personally view with their own eyes each patient’s diagnostic test as it is being performed, while giving them the choice to perform a study, such as a Doppler of the renal or the mesenteric arteries, themselves. Our doctors also have access to our X-ray suite for STAT chest, cervical spine and extremity X-rays.


PCI's facilities also have a high technology digital, cardiac nuclear diagnostic suite with the latest equipment for high definition heart nuclear cardiolite scanning. Our main facility, located in Monroeville, PA, also provides plain film x-rays.