Pricing transparency gets cloudier as health care costs soar

Earlier this fall, Highmark Inc. paid Pittsburgh Cardiovascular Institute $581 for doing a nuclear stress test for a patient. The insurer compensated UPMC Monroeville $1,540 for the same procedure — a common measure of how well the heart is working — in another patient.

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The Octavio Brunetti Quintet Returns to Pittsburgh For “2011 The Americas—In Concert” October 1

  • 7:30 p.m., Saturday, October 1
  • The Hillman Center for Performing Arts, Richard Rauh Theater,Shady Side Academy Senior School, 423 Fox Chapel Road, Pittsburgh, PA 15238
  • Free to public.
  • Information: 412-457- 0507

PITTSBURGH (Monroeville), PA - August 18, 2011 - Returning to the Pittsburgh stage by popular demand, the Octavio Brunetti Quintet will bring the fervor of tango music and the passion of dance to the “2011 The Americas—In Concert,” starting at 7:30 p.m., on Saturday, October 1, 2011, at The Hillman Center for Performing Arts, Richard Rauh Theater, Shady Side Academy Senior School, 423 Fox Chapel Road, Pittsburgh, PA 15238.

Presenting the annual event for a fourth consecutive year are “The Americas—In Concert” founders and sponsors Med Health Services, Pittsburgh Cardiovascular Institute and Oliver W. Caminos, MD & Associates, in collaboration with the University of Pittsburgh Center for Latin American Studies. The event is free to the public. For information, call 412-457-0507.

This will be the second time that the Brunetti Quintet, based in New York City, will travel to Pittsburgh for the event. When first appearing at the “The Americas—In Concert” in 2009, Brunetti filled auditorium seats to capacity, drawing an overflow crowd that resulted in the turning away of hundreds of people who had hoped to hear the Quintet perform.

One of the most sought after tango pianists and ensembles of modern times, Brunetti and members of his quintet are known for their ability to lead audiences on an alluring journey to the source of Argentine tango — the dimly lit, cobblestoned streets and clubs of Buenos Aires, where the pulsing music in its purest form is expressed in sultry tones and ardent dance. Advancing from yesteryear to modern times, Brunetti transports audiences from the roots of the music to electrifying variations and fresh interpretations that fuse to form his avant-garde tango.

Each year since 2007, the sponsors of “The Americas—In Concert” have held the Pan-American event to “encourage public enjoyment and discovery of American artists—from North to South”—a goal that has entailed promoting both nationally and locally recognized musicians as well as acquainting the Greater Pittsburgh community with critical works from North, Central and South America and the Caribbean. Past concerts have featured performances by Lily Abreu, Brazilian soprano, who lives in Pittsburgh (2008), the Octavio Brunetti Quintet (2009) located in New York City, and the Eric Mintel Quartet jazz ensemble based in Philadelphia (2010). For information about past performances, visit http://www.ucis.pitt.edu/clas/events/americas.html

The Brunetti Quintet is composed of Octavio Brunetti, piano; Machiko Ozawa, violin; Héctor Del Curto, bandoneon; Adam Tully, guitar; and Mathew Aranoff, bass. For the “2011 The Americas—In Concert,” they will be joined by vocalist Eduardo Parra and dancers Carolina Zokalski and Diego di Falco.

About Octavio Brunetti. Octavio Brunetti studied classical piano at the National School of Music in his home town of Rosario, Argentina. At an early age, Brunetti learned to perform a variety of musical styles, but his love for tango governed his career interests, leading him to play the piano with prominent Argentine tango musicians and singers—including Alberto Castillo, Eladia Blazquez, Ruben Juarez, Domingo Federico, Rodolfo Mederos, and Osvaldo Piro C and to share the stage with Horacio Sallgan-De Lio and Atilio Stampone. Brunetti co-arranged the piece “Levante” composed by Osvaldo Golijov and performed at the world-famous Teatro Colon and the Teatro San Martin in Buenos Aires, as well as at the Teatro San Martin in Cordoba, Argentina. In 2002, he was named conductor of the Provincial Orchestra of Popular Music in Cordoba. His recordings include “Saludos” with Domingo Federico, “Tierra y Asfalto” by Brunetti-Carballo, “Inquietudes” with the Omar Torres Quintet, "Soledad" by Astor Piazzolla with Yo-Yo Ma (“Appassionato” by Sony BMMG-Classical), and the Grammy Award Winning CD “Te Amo Tango” with Raul Jaurena. He performed with Yo-Yo Ma at the international Tango Conference at Harvard, Cambridge, Massachusetts. More info: www.octaviobrunetti.com

“The Americas—In Concert’ event is becoming a Pittsburgh tradition. “It is an opportunity to introduce exemplary musical selections and talent from all American artists to our friends and neighbors in Pittsburgh and the surrounding Tri-State area,” said Oliver W. Caminos, M.D., chair, “The Americas—In Concert” Committee, and medical director, Med Health Services and Pittsburgh Cardiovascular Institute.

“In 2009, Octavio Brunetti and his quartet delivered an electrifying and moving performance of their trademark urban tango music that left audiences speechless and begging for an encore. Unfortunately, we had to turn away hundreds at the door due to the unexpected turnout, and the theater’s smaller capacity. We are excited to have the opportunity to welcome them back to Pittsburgh and showcase the artists, and their talented dancers, in a larger venue that seats up to 600 audience members.

“On a personal note, I welcome the opportunity to work with Shady Side Academy, which not only has a state-of-the art performance venue, but is also the alma mater for five of my six children.”

EDITORIAL NOTE: In anticipation of future events, “The Americas—In Concert” Committee is now accepting information from interested artists who would like to perform during the “2012 The Americas—In Concert.” Artists may submit info kits directly to Lily Abreu, lilly_abreu@yahoo.com, 412-362-1771 or via the Center for Latin American Studies, University Center for International Studies, University of Pittsburgh, 4200 Wesley W. Posvar Hall, Pittsburgh, PA 15260, 412-648-7394.

About Med Health Services and Pittsburgh Cardiovascular Institute. Located in Monroeville, PA, Med Health Services’ and Pittsburgh Cardiovascular Institutes’ outpatient diagnostic testing facilities provide physicians, clinics, nursing homes and personal care facilities in the Tri-State area with the diagnostic testing services that are essential to the basic management of patient care. For nearly 30 years, the specially trained and certified MHS-PCI technicians have provided CLIA Certified Medical Chemistry laboratory Services, Patient Walk-In Laboratory Draw Station, Nuclear Medicine, Ultrasound and Echocardiography, Holter Monitoring, Nerve Conduction Testing and X-Ray. A pioneer in a multi-specialty group practice of outpatient medicine, Med Health Services operates more than 80 conveniently located offices and walk-in laboratory draw stations to meet the needs of patients and their families. Specially trained and certified personnel also travel to physician offices or medical facilities to provide STAT, bedside diagnostic laboratory, nuclear medicine and ultrasound services. Each outpatient facility is certified by the American College of Radiology and the Intersocietal Commission for the Accreditation of Echocardiography Laboratories. www.mhsdiagnostics.com

About the University of Pittsburgh Center for Latin American Studies. Based in Pittsburgh (Oakland), the University of Pittsburgh Center for Latin American Studies (CLAS) is internationally renowned for its wealth of resources on Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC). CLAS continually seeks to expand and enrich LAC resources to offer students multidisciplinary academic training programs of the highest quality. Also disseminating knowledge beyond the University, CLAS develops, coordinates, and presents outreach programs for the K-12 educational community, colleges and universities, the business and professional sectors, and the general public. Activities include lectures, films, workshops, conferences, art exhibits, musical performances, and an annual Latin American and Caribbean festival. CLAS has earned recognition for excellence in undergraduate, graduate, and professional education and in community outreach. CLAS has been designated as a comprehensive National Resource Center on Latin America by the U.S. Department of Education. http://www.ucis.pitt.edu/clas/about.html

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